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Concealed Carry Courses

After being in the Marines for four years in a combat trained role, and after being to numerous countries including Iraq, I realized i was addicted to firearms. I was interested in the different types, how they functioned, and how they were implemented. after an honorable discharge in 2009 I became an NRA certified instructor to teach the Ohio Concealed Carry course which I absolutely love doing. ...after a couple years of teaching this course i decided to do even more. in 2011 I got a certification as a licensed gunsmith, doing basic repair and cleaning services. I love what I do and expect to be doing it for a long time.

About the Concealed Carry Course

The course covers is the 12 hours required by the state of Ohio to carry a concealed firearm. Some of the subjects covered during this course include Firearm safety, different types of firearms as well as how they function, their proper and effective use, and the fundamentals of marksmanship. we will also be covering the Ohio concealed carry laws.

I will periodically set up classes which will be 2 day courses. however if you have a group of friends or family, I am willing to go straight to your house to conduct the course as long as you have a minimum of 4 individuals.

I charge $100 per person, but if you bring someone along, or create a class of friends or family then I will take off $10 for every person you brought.

If you have your own firearm for this course you may bring it, although I have Many different handguns which I have no problem with anyone using as long as they bring ammo for it, or pay for the ammo they use. This is a good class to take to try different guns before you invest in one, since I have quite a variety.

I am very flexible on courses being individually setup. Just call or send me a message about my availability whether you want it on a weekend or weekday,whether you want to do it in 1 or 2 days and I will get back to you.


I do Basic Gunsmith work and cleaning. I charge $35 for a complete gun cleaning. If your have a gun that needs fixed, the best thing to do is to let me know what needs done and we can go from there. I do not have the tools necessary right now to do metalworking of any kind. I am very good at troubleshooting broken guns and replacing parts.

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