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We give loans and buy gold!

Pawn is simply a loan. We can use items you bring in and hold them as collateral for a loan amount. The amount that we lend you is highly dependent on the local economy, your track record (whether you have picked up and paid on your past pawns) and  or course your items. Generally we will loan about 1/4 of what we believe the item would be worth. When an item is pawned, you have you never lose the item unless it has been 90 days since the time it has been kept up on its monthly payments. everything will be faxed to the local police so that they may reference serial numbers with local police reports, so keep your stolen items away from us, you will be caught. Pawn items may stay in as long as you need them to as long as you keep up on the monthly payments, and they must stay in for at least 3 days in order for police to do their checks. If you want to know how much we would be willing to pawn an item for, do not call and ask, we cannot determine the value of anything without seeing it first hand, instead bring it with you and we will tell you what amount we are willing to lend.

In addition to the loans that we give, much of these same items we have for sell.

Some items that we are willing to Pawn include, but not limited to:
Gold and other Jewelry
Newer Laptops
Newer TVs
Power tools
Some collectables
Game Systems such as XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS
GPS systems
Home Stereo Systems
DVD Players
Musical Instruments

                                                                                 Pawn Broker #  PB.100637.000
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